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complete list

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Here is my list of organizational readiness factors, with examples from a digital storytelling scenario



1.  Does the hardware and software work as intended?

Has the digital storytelling process been tested, tested and retested on the machines where students will create their digital stories.  Does the software perform flawlessly or are there "hotspots" in the process where workarounds need to be developed.  Are the machines capable of creating stories with video?


2.  Have network issues been identified and addressed, if applicable? 

Do students have enough network space to store images and movies?  Has rendering a movie from a network location been tested? Can students download mp3's from a site such as freeplaymusic.com or ccmixter?


3.  Are all necessary equipment and resources present and available?

Are microphones available?  Do students have access to photosharing sites such as Flickr?


4.  Has professional development taken place?  

Is professional development required for teachers before they engage in digital storytelling with a class?  Are teachers the expert?  Do they have standing to teach digital storytelling-have they created their own story.  Have they experienced the process themselves?  Are they capable of leading the class or is that left to someone else?


5.  Is there institutional support present?  Board of Education?  Administrators?  Department chairs?  Even parents?

Should students become digital storytellers?  How does the climate and culture of the school district determine if and when digital storytelling should be integrated as an instructional technique?  Do all stakeholders understand the embedded skills that digital storytelling teachers?  Digital storytelling is time intensive-will all administrators be willing to support the curriculum time necessary for engaging students in digital story creation?


6.  Is instructional support available?


7.  Is network and desktop support available?


8.  Have evaluation materials been developed?


9.  Have support materials been developed?


10.  Have student policies been developed?


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