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role of a teacher

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Here is my vision of what a teacher should be in 2007 and beyond.  I’ll call them the 4C’s.  A teacher should be a:


Connector: a teacher must understand how to access learning resources on demand, must be part of a larger learning network that delivers resources to the classroom, must be an active contributor to that network, and must demonstrate and model that to students.


Conductor: the professional teacher orchestrates the classroom.  Here is where the art of teaching elevates a room of kids, books, or computers, whatever…to that magical place where all 28 kids are tapped in, and you just know it.  I want a professional educator as conductor, mixing assessment, content from many sources, connections, relationships, technology and pedagogy in the new classroom learning mashup.


Catalyst: an educator energizes the learning reaction.  Makes it all happen, face to face, online, wherever, and now whenever, and knows when to speed it up and when to slow it down.  The catalyst knows his or her kids, and their abilities, their strengths, weaknesses, and needs, and designs learning accordingly.  The catalyst places students in learning situations where kids are capable of building their own understanding; the catalyst redirects, suggests, and pushes and pulls students towards independent learning.


Champion:  a professional educator is a tireless advocate for, and a champion of kids and what they are capable of.  The champion pushes, extends, and pulls things out of kids that you would never expect.  The champion doesn’t give up; because the champion knows even the smallest difference can be THE difference for a kid.  Schools still have these people, and you know who they are-these are people to be honored, their work celebrated….

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